Advisory Committee:

Brian Heidorn - Director, School of Information Resources and Library Science (SIRLS)
Ramona Grijalva - Librarian and Advocate of Latinos and Literacy
Richard Ruíz - Department Head, Mexican American Studies -University of Arizona
Karen Williams - Dean, Univeristy of Arizona Libraries.
Linda Whitaker-Director, Arizona Historical Society (AHS) Division of Library and Archives -AHS at Papago Park
René Colato Laínez - Author, Children's Literature
Sarah Cortez  - Author/Poet, Editor, Young Adult Literature and Poetry
Elizabeth Sotelo -Library Supervisor, Eckstrom-Columbus Branch of Pima County Public Library
Francisco García - Dirctor, Pima County Health Department

2016 Planning Committee:

Patricia Montiel Overall, Chair (SIRLS)
Barbara Brown, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Mary Ann Ruelas (Educational Outreach, Arizona Historical Society)